Sun. Jun 4th, 2023
Best Disposable Vape Flavors

Disposable vapes are the perfect solution for those who are new to vaping, don’t have the money for a full-on e-cig, or just want an easy-to-use device.

A good disposable vape will be able to provide you with a decent amount of flavor, warm vapor and an overall great vaping experience. It should also come with a wide variety of flavors.

1. iJoy Punk

iJOY Punk is their first foray into the disposable market and it looks set to live up to the brand’s reputation for quality built vapes. It’s packed with 25 flavors and has a 1200mAh battery that can deliver 4500 puffs before it dies.

The iJOY Punk also comes with a 1.1ohm Gen-2 mesh coil that delivers consistent flavor from start to finish. The e-juice lasts for the lifetime of the non-rechargeable 1200 mAh battery and is available in either a 50mg (5%) or 30mg (3%) nicotine strength.

The iJOY Punk also comes in a nice presentation case that features dreamscape artwork on a reflective back drop. It’s held in place by two color coded rubber bungs either end.

2. Vaporlax Mesh

Disposable vapes are a popular option for anyone who wants to try out a new flavor but doesn’t want to carry around all their gear. They are also a great way to introduce beginners to vaping.

The Vaporlax Mesh is a draw-activated disposable vape pen that provides variable airflow. It has a 6.5ml e-liquid capacity and can deliver 1500+ puffs.

One of the big pros of using the Vaporlax Mesh is that it uses a mesh coil, which can produce bigger and denser clouds. This is especially useful for users who want to create a more dramatic and satisfying vaping experience.

3. GLAZ 6500

If you’re looking for a disposable vape that delivers flavorful hits throughout its lifespan, GLAZ 6500 is a great choice. It comes with a 13ml prefilled juice capacity, 5% nicotine strength, and a wide range of flavors.

Besides offering excellent flavor, GLAZ 6500 is also incredibly easy to use. It’s a draw-activated device, meaning you simply puff on the mouthpiece to initiate it.

The GLAZ 6500 is made from translucent polycarbonate plastic, which makes it lightweight and durable. It’s also small and compact, making it easy to carry around.

4. Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500

If you’re looking for a high-quality disposable vape that delivers large puffs and fantastic flavor, the Orion Bar 7500 is definitely worth considering. It comes with a unique compact design and has excellent build quality.

Orion Bars are designed with a mouthpiece that’s raised 18mm above the rest of the body, making them really comfortable to use. The design compliments the different draw styles that can be achieved on these devices.

The Orion Bar also offers a variety of flavors, including fruity options like banana cake and sour apple ice, as well as a few candy options. It also has a 650mAh rechargeable battery, airflow control, type-c charger and 18 mL of juice capacity.

5. Dragbar B5000

The Dragbar B5000 from Zovoo is one of the best disposable vapes on the market. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and use anywhere.

Despite this, it still packs a punch when it comes to vapor performance. It is designed to produce smooth, airy clouds with every draw and features adjustable airflow.

It is also incredibly easy to use, simply by pressing down on the fire button and inhaling through the mouthpiece. It is a great option for those who are new to the world of vaping.

6. HorizonTech Binaries Cabin

The HorizonTech Binaries Cabin is the first disposable device to feature dual mesh coils and an incredible 20ML juice capacity. An adjustable airflow on the base allows you to change it to your liking, while a USB Type-C charger input makes it easy to recharge the 650mAh battery.

The Binaries Cabin is designed with a box-style design, and it comes prefilled with 20ml of HorizonTech’s own authentic flavors that have been perfectly formulated to create a smoother, more flavorful vaping experience for both beginner and experienced vapers. It also features a bottom-adjustable airflow system that can be used for either RDL or MTL vaping.